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Lost Art Crochet MA

Sunflower Garland

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Sunflowers are not only the tallest of the flowers, but they are heliotropic which means they turn to face the sun.  Show off your knowledge of sunflowers as you show off this 68" Sunflower Garland.

They are a perfect shower decoration to be later hung over the baby's crib.
Wrap around a special gift.
Surprise a friend with this keepsake.
Hang along a window or mirror.
Place near your special chair for a reminder of autumn.
Hang on a pretty plant. 
Makes a great holiday starter gift for the newlyweds or new homeowners.

These 10 brown and yellow sunflowers were crocheted using 100% Mercerized Cotton that is washable by hand.  They were stiffened with cornstarch then crocheted onto a garland using green cotton.

Each sunflower is about 2"