My Crochet Story

My Crochet Story

I'm Michelle from Lynn, MA.  I do all the crochet you see on this website!

My mother taught me to crochet at age 5 and I loved it immediately.  After years of hats, afghans and doll clothes I was inspired by my Gram to give lace crochet a whirl...and I'm still whirling!  My love of old timey crochet has just grown.

We did crafty shows together starting in the mid-90's and were known around my region as the tea cup lady & the doily lady.  Around the time she was winding down from crocheting and shows I was looking into the internet and all its interesting ideas.

Although I'd been crocheting and selling for decades, the name woke me up from a nap one day. So many people say "this is a lost art!" and something clicked...It IS a lost art, and a lost art is ME.  Lost Art Crochet is the perfect name for my business.

My husband & three sons are the best support I could have in this crochet journey.  When my husband said "just quit" about my overnight job of 22 years, it was all about my crochet life from that point on.  Without them I couldn't put so much love and effort into my craft because I am given enough love to share  through in my work.

I've always said I love to crochet with a purpose so I love what I do.  Thank you for giving me that purpose.


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