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Lost Art Crochet MA

Rattan Patriotic Stars Garland

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On our flag, stars represent the 50 states.  We love counting stars at night, now we can count the 6 Patriotic stars on this festive garland.

They are a perfect shower decoration to be later hung over the baby's crib.
Wrap around a special gift.
Surprise a friend with this keepsake.
Hang along a window or mirror.
Place near your special chair for a reminder of a military member or veteran.
Hang on a pretty plant. 
Use during the Patriotic summer holidays or leave hanging all year.

The garland itself was crocheted using 100% Mercerized Cotton in red, white & blue.  The stars are rattan and store bought. 

Each star is about 2 1/2"
The garland is about 64"