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Lost Art Crochet MA

Magen Star (Star of David)

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The Star of David is considered the symbol of Judaism and Israel but its history goes back for centuries.  It is used in Mormonism, Hinduism, and in the Kabbalah, the six points and the center represent the seven emotional attributes of kindness, severity, harmony, perseverance, splendor, royalty and foundation.   With these ideas in mind, I created my own star patterns in crochet for us all to enjoy for generations.

-Hang in groups or individually.
-Hang on a tree branch near bright lights.
-Add a few to your holiday cards for an extra surprise.
-Use as a reusable gift topper.
-Use by the fireside to reflect a different light.
-They stay beautiful all year long

The stars are crocheted by hand using 100% mercerized cotton or 96% mercerized cotton & 4% metallic filament.   
They are about 4"