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Lost Art Crochet MA

Icicle with Glass Bead Bobble

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Icicles are formed when the melting snow freezes leaving a spectacular sight when reflecting the sun. Crocheted ornaments have the same brilliance when made with glittery cotton and finished off with a glass bauble. When hung from Christmas trees or near pretty lights, the icicle adds a shiny elegance to the display.

-Hang in groups or individually.
-Hang on a tree branch near bright lights.
-Add a few to your Christmas cards for an extra surprise.
-Use as a reusable gift topper.
-Use by the fireside to reflect a different light.
-They stay beautiful all winter long

The icicles are crocheted by hand using 93% mercerized cotton & 7% metallic filament.  They are attached to glass beads.  The beads are either teardrop, snowflake, or angel.  
They are about 9" long.