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Lost Art Crochet MA

Holiday Chickadee

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The state bird of Massachusetts is the Chickadee.  They got their name from the chick-a-dee-dee sound they make. They are right at home in the snow and do not fly South with the other birds, but stay to interact with their favorite humans!  Seeing a Chickadee is considered good luck.  These Chickadees were made by a Massachusetts native.  Good luck & love is included with each crocheted bird!

-can be used for the holidays or all winter long
-hang on the Christmas tree or in your windows
-string them together to make a delightful garland
-use as a gift topper
-send in the mail with little to no added postage
-offer a bit of good luck for the new couple or house

The Chickadee is made using white 100% mercerized cotton, so it will last and handed down for generations.  It has been stiffened using cornstarch to save it from discoloration over time and also keeps its shape.