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Lost Art Crochet MA

Heartblossoms 7" Doily

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The Heartblossoms Doily is a romantic way to decorate your home.  It is a great addition to the country home. The shiny red hearts will brighten your day.

It was handmade with 100% Mercerized Cotton* which is washable by hand or machine.
The soft flexible texture allows it to lay flat or be folded easily.  It was crocheted with love and care and can be considered an heirloom that can be reused for generations.
The Heartblossoms doily was designed by Julia Hart of Draiguna.

Show off your romantic side!
Surprise a friend with this keepsake.
Add a pop of color to any surface in your home.
Use inside a glass or bowl as an interesting decoration.
Use as an accent on your bureau or table.
Frame for that hard-to-decorate wall.

This doily can stand alone or be mix & matched with others for a unique display. 

The size is 7"   
The Heartblossoms Doily is made with glittery red, and ecru cotton.  

*glittery red cotton is 99% Egyptian Giza Mercerized Cotton and1% metallic yarn.