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Lost Art Crochet MA

Fall Leaf Garland

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In the United States, we call Autumn "fall" because it seems like all the leaves fall from the trees at the same time.  It happens every year when the weather shifts to a more cold climate.  Somehow, nature gives us the pretty colors to draw our attention away from that weather change.  
To help forget the weather, here are some beautiful crocheted fall leaves to hang inside.  Seven are arranged in a beautiful gold & green garland to bring a little sparkle & happiness in our autumn decor.

-hang in doorways, around ceiling fans, and in windows
-they make a perfect starter gift for a new home.
-hang the leaves  in the classroom to teach about the change of seasons
-arrange on the table for a different kind of centerpiece (or add to your current one!)
-use them to decorate until you switch to the winter decorations
-they will last forever and can be passed down for generations

Each leaf is made with a different color 100% mercerized cotton and in a different pattern.   The leaves are then crocheted onto a garland using green and gold cotton.   The gold cotton is 12% metallic thread, giving it some glittery brilliance when hung near lights.

Each garland has seven leaves of different colors and styles.
The garland is about 50" long.
Individual leaves are 1'- 2 1/2"