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Lost Art Crochet MA

Filet Crochet!

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You make the big decisions: color, size & style, and I crochet it for you!

Filet Crochet is a crochet style that is designed in graph form then crocheted in an open and closed mesh.  Any design, word or combination can be passed down for generations as a real heirloom.

They are best when framed on a wall but also make a great addition to a bureau or small table.

Filet Crochet is great for
Wedding Gifts
New Homeowners
Birth Announcements
Special dates
Funny sayings 

It will be handmade with 100% Mercerized Cotton which is washable by hand or machine.  
The size depends on the cotton and tension used. 

The price is 30 cents a square inch measuring the filet itself and one row of edge.
More edge can be added.  The first three rows are free!  Each additional is $5 each.

I design the filet and give you an estimate.   I start to crochet after a down payment is received and you will see the finished item before the final payment. 
As the designer, you will watch the filet take shape!

"Filet" is the French word for "net" so it is possible filet crochet started on the French speaking coasts!