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Lost Art Crochet MA

Daisy Garland

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Daisies represent joy, innocence, and purity.  They are the perfect flower.  The 68" Daisy Garland will bring you lots of happiness.

They are a perfect shower decoration to be later hung over the baby's crib.
Wrap around a special gift.
Surprise a friend with this keepsake.
Hang along a window or mirror.
Place near your special chair for a reminder of springtime.
Hang on a pretty plant. 
Makes a great holiday starter gift for the newlyweds or new homeowners.

These 10 yellow and white daisies were crocheted using 100% Mercerized Cotton that is washable by hand.  They were stiffened with cornstarch then crocheted onto a garland using green cotton.

Each sunflower is about 2"
The Daisy Garland can be made in different colors.