Questions you might have!

Q: Isn't this tatting?
No, it's all crochet.  Tatting is done with a needle or shuttle.  Crochet is done with a hook.  Both use the same kind of cotton though.  I have "learning to tat" on my list!

Q:  Do you do custom work?
Yes, just contact me & we can design something just for you

Q:  Can you fix my doily?
A:  I can fix your doily.  First I will clean it so I can find the correct color to fix it with.  I'll do the repairs then I'll block it.  Prices vary based on difficulty, and you pay shipping both ways.  The cleaning & blocking processes are free.

Q:  How do I clean my doily?
A: I suggest using an oxyclean bath, then laying flat on a towel to dry.  If you ship any dirty doilies to me I will send them back cleaned to the best of my ability and stiffened if necessary.  I always show love & respect to old timey work, even if I didn't make it myself.  You just pay shipping.


Q:  Can I see your work in person?
A:  If you are not local to me, it is easy to watch me Live on  Tues 8pm EST or Thurs 3pm EST.  You can always request to see something before or even during the Live broadcast!
Of course, I can always do a facetime with you, but the lives are more fun.

If you are local to me reach out & I will let you know where I'll be next.