Why do I sell my crochet?

Why do I sell my crochet?

🧶Why do I sell my crochet?🧶

⭐️First of all, it goes without saying I love crochet. I love looking at patterns, picking out the perfect colors, actually crocheting the project, and seeing it to completion. It's so satisfying to plan and accomplish each idea.

⭐️I love old timey things. There is something about history, historical facts and putting your eyes & hands on objects from the past.

⭐️I've got the power! After almost 50 years of practice, I have the skill to create such beautiful crocheted doilies and lace designs that make you sit back & say, "wow! that reminds me of...."

⭐️I believe that you should play to your strengths and do what you love. I aim to accomplish that by using my crocheted items to make you happy & nostalgic.

But why sell?

⭐️Apparently I crochet faster than I know where to put it all!! 😆
(oh, and I use the money to buy more cotton, tee hee)
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