Where Do I Get My Ideas?

Where Do I Get My Ideas?

💁‍♀️I'm always asked: Where do my ideas come from?

I can't say I have an answer except I keep an open mind. I look at everything in my life as

🧶"Can I crochet that?"
🧶"Can I crochet with that?"
🧶"Can I crochet on that?" or
🧶"Can I use that to enhance or display my crochet?"

Oftentimes, I see a yarn pattern & try it with my much smaller crochet cotton. I think I make more "one of a kinds" that way and end up throwing it into someone's package as a gift. 😘
But every once in a while I conjure up a really cool crochet idea.

The Super Snowflake❄️ idea happened when I threw some extra snowflakes on the table near the finished frame snowflakes. I thought beads would make a pretty design & the rest is history.

I think it came out fantastic. Don't you agree? 🤩
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