Too many doilies?

Too many doilies?

 "I have so many of my mother's doilies. They are in a drawer, I just have no place to put them."

I hear that a lot. But doilies made by your mom or grandmom are already heirlooms and may just be needed to pass down to the next generation.

😲OH, they won't USE them you say?

Are you sure? 😉 Try this:

One of the best ways to pass down the heirloom doily is to present it in good condition. I can help you with cleaning & blocking it to shape. Then take it and frame it. 👉Make sure -and this is the most important part- you mark the frame with the year & artist.👈
"Grammy Shirley LeBrasseur, circ. 1955" will do.

Weddings and showers are the perfect times to pass such presents. But don't count out other special times, like Christenings, Bar Mitzvas or new houses.

❤️How could they not love & cherish this perfect present?❤️
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