Three Tips?  I think not!

Three Tips? I think not!

🧢I looked up the "3 tips to decorating for Christmas" & I'm calling out shenanigans! So much inaccuracy:

The first was to plan. Okay, I'll agree there. But that doesn't mean to plan down to the last candy in the dish, be open to going with the flow & not stressing about everything. πŸ’β€β™€οΈ I'm telling you this, it wasn't mentioned in the article at all!

But the next two tips made me see red! "don't hold on to sentimental decor" and "declutter at the end of the season" 😳


Those are two of the things I preach against! You should hold on to the ornaments most dear.
- Maybe the kids made them. ❀️
- Maybe they represent a loved one. ❀️
- Maybe you spent 40 hours, 14 glue sticks and two fingernails to make it. 😁

The holiday seasons, and Christmas in particular, are the times to remember, reflect and appreciate what you have. What is important to you should be saved, even if it's just in memory.

Ugh, so much sap, I'm going to make syrup. Look at my nice snowflakes, which, by the way, can be saved & used for generations!
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