Story Filler!  What about other crafts?

Story Filler! What about other crafts?

🧶Story Filler...
You know I learned to crochet at age 5, started making doilies about 1994, and have been obsessed with old timey crochet ever since.
😲Obviously I didn't crochet exclusively for the past 45+ years. Although it seems like it!

What about my other crafty endeavors? 💁‍♀️
Here are the highlights!
⭐️My mother taught me to knit when I was 6.
⭐️My grandmother taught me to do needlepoint and plastic canvas without leaving a mark on the back so both sides look almost like mirror image.
⭐️My father gave me a homemade loom and taught me to use seed beads to make fantastic designs.
⭐️I won a grand prize at the Topsfield Fair for a Tunisian Crochet pillow (yes, a type of crochet but it warrants mentioning, don't you think?)
⭐️I spent all my free time in college either doing counted cross stitch or sewing hair scrunchies. I think I was the only one with a sewing machine in the dorm.
⭐️I sewed not only my own pregnancy outfits but all the baby clothes!
⭐️For a few years in my craft show journey I offered seed bead initial bracelets.
If there was a fiber craft over the years I probably tried it, longstitch, quilting, hairpin lace, macrame, but I'm glad I ended up with my favorite. ❤️

Why this picture? It's from a Workbasket Magazine. At my first craft show in 1995 I had three things: doilies, snowflakes & these barrette & earring combos. They were all the rage back then!😆
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