Shade Pull Story

Shade Pull Story

🧶Shade Pull Story🧶

Remember these?

In '94 when I was getting interested in doilies I remember bringing my new baby to see ❤️Gram, the original doily lady. She had shade pulls on her shades of course and I asked if she had a pattern.

She did not.
So I did what every good crafter does, I borrowed one from her & examined it. Then I copied it. This is where this particular pattern, and the only one I make, came from.
She said she made them "years ago." 😳 Who knows when that could be.
I don't show them often but I always have some with me at shows "in the back". 😉
🌺Shade pulls are now used on ceiling lights & fans, on Christmas trees for some reason, and of course, as shade pulls.

So if the future, if you are thinking "I need a shade pull" as people often do, feel free to reach out!  I've got a pattern for one!
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