My Sales Journey

My Sales Journey

🧶My Sales Journey🧶

I started selling crochet in 5th grade...I did! 😁 I took yarn & made it into little necklaces for my friends. I think I got 10 cents each.

No selling again, though, until a crafty show in 1994. It was at my Naval base housing. 🇺🇸 I had some crochet, cross stitch, basic crafts. We put it together very quickly, so I whipped up a few things for my table.

Sometime during 94 & 95 I found the Magic Crochet magazine and started making doilies like crazy. I remember blocking them on the rug in the living room! (Yes, I used a towel, silly goose!)
My first real crafty show was in Topsfield, Oct. 1995. Gram came with me & I only had three things: doilies, snowflakes and crocheted barrettes & earrings from an old Workbasket magazine.

Hooked? I loved interacting with people and talking crochet with them. I had found my super power! I wanted to do all the crafty shows. Back in those days, they were found in church fliers, newspapers, word of mouth and a few called me personally since they heard of the doily lady. 😉

In the early 2000s people would ask for my website. I didn't have one or want to be online until I had a proper name. It wasn't until 2013 when the name woke me up from a nap one day 😴 (I was working 3rd shift.)
You see, when people would look at my table they would exclaim "this is a lost art!" I woke up saying just that, "Lost Art!"
2013: the year Lost Art Crochet was started and my facebook page was opened.

2018 I was making more from crocheting than from my -now part time- third shift job, so I left working for someone else for good. This is the best thing I ever did. With my husband's support, and crochet backup, I was able to really start enjoying my family and travelling. 🧳

We all know what happened in 2020. I see this time as part of my real serious online sales journey. By 2022 I opened my website and continue to crocheting all kinds of doilies. I am also able to create and sell my own patterns.

Life is good! 😎
Can I just add, that without your support on this page and at shows, I'd still probably be working 3rd shift, and I love that I'm out of that business! I highly recommend you all follow what path that makes you happiest.
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