It's All Just Words!

It's All Just Words!

🧶It's all just words.🧶

Today I was going to say something historic & exciting about crocheting, yarn or some such thing and I went down the rabbit hole about the words used when referring to crochet and crochetiers.

First, why do I use the word crochetier when I mean crochet artist? Crochet is from the French word croche meaning hook. Since crochet is technically a French term, I prefer the French word for "hooker." Crocheter would probably be the American version & I like that added "i" for some reason. 😊👑

(Both words get my spell-check in a red underlining frenzy.

But seriously, if you are going to call yourself a hooker you might as well zhush the word up a bit, right? 😉

💁‍♀️Then there is "crochet cotton". I use that a lot.
But what I'm really using is crochet thread. Yes, it's made of cotton, but cotton yarn comes in all other sizes and I use the smallest. It's also referred to as fingering yarn or lace yarn.

When one thinks of crochet they think of crocheted hats and afghans made of yarn. Since I'm so different, I want my "yarn" to be different as well. AND
When one thinks of thread they think of sewing thread 🪡🧵. I will sew my ends in, and might even be seen sewing a project together, but sewing is not really what I do.

So using "thread" and "yarn" both sound wrong. Crochet cotton it is! 🧶💕

Like I said, rabbit hole! Do I make doilies that make us all happy? YES. Huzzah! 🤸‍♀️
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